New Bethel Baptist Church
Saturday, July 20, 2024


-our Wednesday Night Youth Service appropriately called "Altær".

What happens at Altær?

We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:45 to start our worship service. We have games, music, skits, and of course a challenge from God's word. Around 8, you have the option to stay around for another 20-30 minutes for Small Group discussions of the topic for the night. This is really a great time to meet new people and build friendships.

What's the whole "æ" thing about?

We've combined two words that we think communicate what the Altær service is about.
"AltAr"- a place where worship is offered up to God. In the Old Testament times, people would build platform-like structures (sort of like a homemade grill) to kill and offer a sacrifice to God as a form of worship. Today's churches usually refer to the front area of the church as the altar (although Jesus put and end to the animal sacrifice business).
The second word-"AltEr" is like when you need to have clothes tailored to fit you better. If your pants are too long you take them to an alteration shop and have them ALTERed. We believe that anytime we read and study God's word, we will be changed--altered.
This is our prayer at Altær, that God will be honored, and we will be changed, and in turn, change the world around us.